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Energy Conservation

Energy-saving servo system makes the work cycle short effectively and improves the production efficiency.

Quick Response

3 phase permanent magnet servo motors was conceived and designed as an advanced and homogeneous range of high performance servo actuators


SD servo motors reach the highest torque/size and power/size rations in the industry.

S-Series Motors

The S18 and S25 series of high performance servo motors, produced in the Wuxi Shenda Motors plant specialized in high performance servo motors, is based on the latest technology of rare earth magnets embodying the surface magnet assembly technology, which endows the motors with the highest torque density/volume ratio and power/volume ratio, lower inertia, high response and accuracy etc. The S18 and S25 series of servo motors’ rating torque range from 29NM to 511NM,maximum output power can reach 107KW.

S25 Series
S18 Series


Feature of Servo Motor:

  • Plastic Machinery
  • Metal Forming Equipment
  • Packaging Machineries
  • Textile Machinery
  • Air Compressors
  • Printing Equipments

Recent News

Shenda Servo Motor
11 May 06:55 pm

The first Shenda servo motor is off the assembly line in 2010

Jie Neng Hui Min project in 2014
11 May 09:46 am

Wuxi Shenda servo motors were successfully selected in the national Jie Neng Hui Min project in 2014.